Workflow Templates

During development of the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform, we generated workflow templates for example queries such as:

All templates can of course be repurposed to suit your needs.

Workflow Integration

These tools can be used to integrate Open PHACTS into your research and analysis workflows. For other ways to browse and query Open PHACTS integrated data, try the Open PHACTS Explorer and other Applications.

A repository of Pipeline Pilot components to integrate Open PHACTS into your workflows.

Developed with the collaboration and support of BIOVIA

Pipeline Pilot Components »

A repository of KNIME components to integrate into your workflows. See our example workflows at myexperiment.

Developed by the Open PHACTS Scientific Community

KNIME Repository »

Helium for Excel contains several functions that use the Open PHACTS API to acquire and connect data.

Developed by Ceiba Solutions (now PerkinElmer)

New link coming soon!