About IMI


The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform integrates biology, chemistry and related data. The challenges associated with handling chemistry data require the support of a publicly accessible platform to integrate, standardise and host the data. ChemSpider, an online database from the Royal Society of Chemistry hosts the chemical compound collection underpinning Open PHACTS and is responsible for standardising the chemical compounds and providing both regular updates and ongoing data curation. While the Open PHACTS data collection is limited to a small number of public domain life science databases, the deposition of these data into ChemSpider integrates the chemical compound collection with data from over 400 other sources, providing access to patents, publications and experimental and predicted properties. To serve the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform, a structure validation and standardisation platform has been developed to ensure normalisation of chemical structures to rules derived from the FDA structure standardisation guidelines and modified based on input from the EFPIA members.

An application programming interface (API) provides access to the various database search capabilities, thereby allowing text-based, structure- and substructure-searching of the data via the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform. The API is also utilised by a number of the Open PHACTS example software applications.