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How will the Open PHACTS data be made available?

To maximise the impact of the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform, and to allow the pharmaceutical industry, academia and small companies to benefit from the integrated database, two distinct distributions of data used in Open PHACTS will be created.

The Open data distribution is a fully downloadable resource and brings together all of the data from databases whose underlying licenses meet the Open Knowledge Definition (OKD). This distribution allows the community access to a resource for experimentation and innovation. This release is not yet available, but is being planned.

The Explorer data distribution, which is accessible via the internet, allows the user to map and interact with data from both the OKD-compliant databases and those for which there is no right for redistribution. The extra data present in the Explorer distribution comes from databases whose underlying licenses allow access, interaction and analysis of the information, but do not allow downloading of that data.

Can the Explorer data distribution be downloaded?

No, as the underlying licenses of some of the data present in the Explorer distribution allow only interaction and analysis of that data, and not downloading.

Can I rebuild a local version of the Explorer data distribution?

Yes, but for data from databases that are not part of the Open distribution your own licensing arrangements must be made with the providers. Often there are permissive uses granted by the database owner for non-commercial use.

Does “non-commercial” always mean the same thing?

This often depends on the source of the licensing, and may require a closer look at the terms and conditions of the database. Use of the data via the Explorer interface for the purposes of pharmaceutical research and development is permitted.

How are the data mappings licensed, and how do I get to them?

As we create the mappings (links between data), we are able to control the licensing on them, and are free to give them away. All mappings will be made available to download as part of the Open data distribution.

I have data and would like my data to be integrated, how do I do this?

Firstly, contact us and we can help! Secondly, make the database under a liberal license. There are two Creative Commons (CC) licenses, and its Public Domain dedication CC0, that comply with the OKD, and such data could be included in the OKD distribution. If the data is made available under other CC licenses, it can be included in the Explorer distribution.

Can I add a third party’s data?

Before doing so, please contact us first. We can help evaluate if you have the necessary rights to do so. If you disagree with the choice we make, and wish to add a database to the Open distribution, you may not use Open PHACTS trademarks or claim endorsement on any such distribution.

What happens if I spot some proprietary data?

The take-down policy followed by Open PHACTS is well documented, The Open PHACTS Consortium will respond to all notices of alleged copyright or database rights infringement, and reserves the right to disable user accounts of Open PHACTS Consortium websites.