About IMI


Tim_ClarkAt the Massachusetts General Hospital, Tim's group has led and collaborated in development of several important biomedical ontologies, notably the SWAN scientific discourse ontology, and AO, the Annotation Ontology. His laboratory developed the Domeo Web Annotation Toolkit (www.annotationframework.org) for storing, visualizing, curating and combining the results of biomedical textmining on web documents, and several important biomedical web communities.

These include StemBook (www.stembook.org), PD Online (www.pdonlineresearch.org), Pain Research Forum (www.painresearchforum.org) and the forthcoming MS Discovery Forum.

Tim serves on the Executive Committee for the Massachusetts Alzheimer Disease Research Center (www.madrc.mgh.harvard.edu) and co-leads its Data and Statistics Core. He also serves on the Editorial Board of the journal Briefings in Bioinformatics, and the Advisory Board of the NIH Neuroscience Information Framework.