About IMI


Developed by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)


GARField is an abbreviation for Graph-Activity-Relationship visualization Field and is a realization of the Open PHACTS "Polypharmacology Browser". It is meant as a tool for browsing data made available through the Open PHACTS Discovery platform. Initially our main focus is to enable the user to explore interactions between targets and compounds, do predictions of interactions, and to visualize the interactions in a heatmap.

In the current version the user is able to investigate the pharmacology of target and compound entities by searching name.

Figure 1. The interaction matrix in GARField, allowing intuitive visualisation of pharmacological space. (M. J. Keiser, B. L. Roth, B. N. Armbruster, P. Ernsberger, J. J. Irwin and B. K. Shoichet, Nat. Biotechnol., 2007, 25, 197-206) 

Web Browser Requirements:
GARField takes advantage of new web browser features (HTML5), and requires a newer browser to be fully functional, use for instance the newest Chrome or Firefox.