About IMI


Currently, pharmaceutical companies assemble their own in-house databases of pharmacological and physicochemical data. Each of these is built to fulfil a primary use-case, and often the language and metadata implemented is unique and little integration can be obtained with other databases. Repetition of the pharmacological data extraction, transformation and loading stages at each pharmaceutical company greatly hinders the drug discovery process.

Open PHACTS seeks to improve data interoperability, and move away from this ‘information tomb’ approach. Open PHACTS integrates multiple publicly-available databases, creating links between the data present, allowing access to a vast data resource in a stable and rigorous infrastructure. The provenance of all data is easily assessed, and traceable back to the parent database, allowing the data quality to be evaluated.

In addition to reducing barriers to drug discovery within the pharmaceutical industry, the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform allows scientists in academia and smaller companies unprecedented access to an integrated database of pharmacological information. The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform draws together and generates links between variably-sourced data so that industry, academia and small businesses can concentrate on drug discovery.