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The Open PHACTS consortium has put together a set of guidelines on nanopublications.

A nanopublication is the smallest unit of publishable information: an assertion about anything that can be uniquely identified and attributed to its author. The Open PHACTS project plans to use nanopublications in its Open Pharmacological Space (OPS) tool; the OPS will use semantic web technology to allow scientists to analyse diverse texts and databases as part of their drug discovery efforts. The guidelines explain the elements of a nanopublication and set out the steps required to create one. The guidelines should help data owners understand the Open PHACTS approach to nanopublication and adopt it in their own projects. This first set of guidelines will guide the next stage of implementation within the Open PHACTS project where nanopublications will be integrated with other forms of data to provide a unique view across pharmacology-related data.

Find the current version of the guidelines here. At www.nanopub.org there is a continuous development, which will at certain intervals be used for updating the official guidelines.