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Open PHACTS is referred to in the following publications:

Screening Goes In Silico: Computational tools take some of the cost - and guesswork - out of drug discovery. The Scientist, 01 February 2015, read article

Metabolomics and systems pharmacology: why and how to model the human metabolic network for drug discovery. ScienceDirect, 26 July 2013, read publication
Semantic Medical Prescriptions – Towards Intelligent and Interoperable Medical Prescriptions. July 2013, read publication  
Improving data and knowledge management to better integrate health care and research. Wiley, 15 July 2013, read pubication
How far could we go with Open Data - A case study for TRPV1 antagonists. Molecular Informatics, 18 June 2013, read publication
Querying over federated SPARQL endpoints - A state of the art survey. 07 June 2013, read publication
Ovopub: Modular data publication with minimal provenance. 31 May 2013, read publication
Chemical information matters: an e-research perspective on information and data sharing in the chemical sciences. 20 May 2013, read publication
Open PHACTS has been featured in the RSC News article "Big data in drug discovery". May 2013, read article
The ChEMBL database as linked open data, Journal of Cheminformatics, 08 May 2013, read abstract
Special issue on Linked Data for Health Care and Life Sciences, Semantic Web, 06 May 2013, read article
Shifting from the single to the multitarget paradigm in drug discovery, Drug Discovery Today, May 2013, read article
PAV ontology: Provenance, Authoring and Versioning, 26 April 2013, read abstract
Ö1, one of Austria’s main radio stations, presented Open PHACTS in their science program with focus on Open Innovation in 2013: "Suchmaschine für Medikamentenwirkstoffe". read article
Promoting Data-Centric Supercomputing to the WWW World: Open MPI's Java Bindings. 25 March 2013 read abstract
Drug and Disease Model Resources: A Consortium to Create Standards and Tools to Enhance Model-Based Drug Development, MO Karlsson - CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems, 20 March 2013, read abstract
Micropublications: a Semantic Model for Claims, Evidence, Arguments and Annotations in Biomedical Communications, 15 March 2013 read abstract
Semantically enabling a genome-wide association study database, Journal of Biomedical Semantics, 17 December 2012 read publication
D 6.1: Research Review on Open Innovation: Literature Review and Best Practices, 30 November 2012 read report 
Using CDISC ODM and the RDF Data Cube for the Semantic Enrichment of Longitudinal Clinical Trial Data, 28-30 November 2012 read abstract
Williams A., Wilbanks J., Ekins S.: Why open drug discovery needs four simple rules for licensing data and models. PLOS Computational Biology 8(9), 27 Sept 2012, read publication    
See here an interesting article of Vivien Marx in Nature Biotechnology (Volume 30, Number 6, June 2012, p. 509 - 511): "My data are your data", highlighting the work of Carole Goble. read article  
Applicability of the Nano-publication Concept for Fostering Open Access in Developing and Transition Countries, International Open Access Conference, 18-19 May 2012 read abstract
Open PHACTS is mentioned in an article of Richard van Noorden in Nature: "Chemistry's web of data expands". read article


Antony Williams: Integrating and curating internet based chemistry resources to serve life scientists. PharmSciFair, June 2011, read publication



Carole Goble was recently interviewed in BioIT world: Democratizing Informatics for the ‘Long Tail’ Scientist. read interview

LarKC - Large Knowledge Collider, watch on youtube