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Milestone 1 Prioritised list of research questions (March 2011)

Milestone 2 Engineering structure, questions and requirements, governance in place. Full consortium meeting with lash-up discussion held (August 2011) 

Milestone 3 First working release demonstrate use, Associated Partners enlisted and integrated (Feburary 2012)

Milestone 4 Core services released to broader community (March 2013)

Milestone 5 Demonstrated application in experimental teams, active involvement of Associated Partners, growing community of users, sustainability/hosting resolved. (November 2013)

Milestone 6 Long term funding implemented with permanent beta developer team Open PHACTS Discovery Platform hosted and running secure access implemented (August 2014)

Milestone 8 Version 4 of the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform released (May 2015) 


Public Deliverables:

D 1.5.1 Transporter taxonomy established (Aug 2014)

D 1.6  Deliver Open PHACTS domain vocabularies for version 1 and Phase 2 pilots (April 2012)

D 1.7 Deliver Open PHACTS commons vocabularies for version 1 and Phase 2 pilots (April 2012)

D 2.8.3 Explorer 3.0 released to the community (Nov 2015)

D 3.2.5 Open PHACTS Discovery Platform version 3.0 developed and signed off by TTF and EC on criteria formulated in WP1-6.pdf (Aug 2014) 

D 4.5.3 Deliver second version of the LDC with all services released externally (July 2013)

D 4.5.5 Final version of LDC and services as sustainable production type (Aug 2014)

D 5.1.4 First release of Target Dossier to community (Nov 2013)

D 5.2.4 Second prototype of CBN including substructure and pattern search, API to OPS data layer and access to most Open PHACTS data sources, release to public (Feb 2013)

D 5.2.5 ChemBioNavigator major release with refined, full functionality and improved usability, production level testing and documentation (Sep 2014)

D 5.3.4 First release of Polypharmacology browser, Pharmatrek, to community (Sep 2013)

D 5.3.5 First release of Polypharmacology browser, GARField (Sep 2013)

D 6.5.2 First ENSO Researchathon completed and output communicated to the project (Feb 2015)

D 6.6 Provide a user guide for version 1 (Aug 2012)

D 6.11 Release of version 1.1 of the service application to the community (March 2013)

D 6.14 Organisation of prototype Training Event (Nov 2013)

D 6.16 Release of version 2 of the service appllication to the community (Dec 2013)

D 6.19 Organisation of prototype user group meeting (June 2014)

D 6.21 Release of version 3 of the service application to the community (Sep 2014)

D 6.22 Report on results of case studies and scientific publications achieved with the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform (Feb 2015)

D 7.5.1 Report on analysis of other IMI projects with respect to the potential for data sharing (Sep 2015)

D 8.3.1  Run Open PHACTS Workshop 1 - Solving Bottlenecks in data sharing in the Life sciences (Sep 2011)

D 8.3.2  Run Open PHACTS Workshop 2 - Working with Open PHACTS (May 2012)

D 8.3.3  Run Open PHACTS Workshop 3 - Introducing Open PHACTS (Sep 2012)

D 8.3.4 Run Open PHACTS Workshop 4 - Using the Power of Open PHACTS (April 2013)

D 8.3.5 Run Open PHACTS Workshop 5 - Shaping the Future of Open PHACTS (Oct 2013)

D 8.3.6 Run Open PHACTS Workshop 6 - Open PHACTS for Academia (June 2014)

D 8.8.1 Report on analysis of IMI projects with respect to potential for joint scientific use cases (March 2015) 

D 9.5.1 Decision process for assigning travel grants in place (Sep 2014)

D 9.5.1 Annex I - Travel Grant Application Form

D 9.5.1 Annex II - Open PHACTS Foundation Travel Expense Reimbursement Form


Open PHACTS guidelines:

Dataset descriptions for the Open Pharmacological Space

Encoding units and unit types in RDF using QUDT