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The Open PHACTS Explorer
The Open PHACTS Explorer provides a simple web-based user interface for querying and viewing the integrated data within the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform. 

The Open PHACTS API is now available at dev.openphacts.org. Sign up and start building your apps!

Watch this webinar to get to know about the data and technical setup, and to learn what can be done using the API.



These example apps are available from the project:


The ChemBioNavigator allows the user to visualise the chemical and biological space of a molecule group in a chemically-aware manner. Tutorial videos are available (searching, public-private data, CBN on an iPad).



PharmaTrek - a tool to explore the pharmacological space


PharmaTrek allows the navigation of pharmacological space in a flexible and interactive way, by accessing the content of ChEMBL via the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform. See the PharmaTrek tutorial video. 


GARField is an abbreviation for Graph-Activity-Relationship visualization Field and is meant as a tool for browsing data made available through the Open PHACTS platform.



Target Dossier
The Target Dossier uses the Open PHACTS Delivery Platform to answer questions of tissue expression profiles, druggability, pathways and physiological mechanisms. Drug targets can be selected and further investigated.

Fig.6 Target Dossier


Collector uses data from the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform and the eTOX project to build QSAR predictive models. The tool features a flexible collection of filters for selecting the target, the biological data ranges and the physicochemical properties of the compounds.


Utopia Documents
Utopia Documents allows the extraction of data from figures and tables within the scientific literature. An excellent example of this involves the direct visualisation of chemical structures within pdf files, and the further investigation of these chemical structures via Open PHACTS and related databases.


A KNIME repository of components and workflows has been developed by the Open PHACTS Scientific Community: KNIME repository


Pipeline Pilot
Pipeline Pilot is a graphical tool for scientific workflows. The component collection can be downloaded from the ScienceCloud Protocol Exchange. If you do not have an account yet for the Protocol Exchange, you can log in using your LinkedIn credentials.

Use the Open PHACTS discussion group on the BIOVIA community forum to reach out to other users, ask questions, and share experiences. If you don’t yet have access to this group or the forum you can request it from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Open PHACTS thanks Biovia for supporting the development of these components.