About IMI


Open systems need an engaged community, to grow, develop and sustain. We actively manage our partners, and the wider community.

We term this the Open PHACTS Waiting Room, managed by a Gatekeeper (Bryn Williams-Jones)

  •  Our relationships with all partners are visible: what we are doing together and why
  •  Opportunities to engage and develop are open and are based on project needs

We hold regular community workshops and events

  •  Learn more about Open PHACTS and the Open Pharmacological Space
  •  Participate in new ideas and functions
  •  Engage in development of new use cases, help us answer new questions
  •  Contribute to development, and engage in plans for sustaining the Open Pharmacological Space

If you think you can contribute to the Open PHACTS project, or would like to know more, here are the various levels at which you can engage with the Open PHACTS community:

Associated Partners: We have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ready to sign for mutual support and exchange of ideas, data or technology. As an Associated Partner you will be the first to hear about the latest developments in the Open PHACTS project and you will also have the opportunity to present ideas and use cases to the core Open PHACTS team.

Development Partnerships: Once you are an Associated Partner and want to do some more specific development work together with us (e.g. develop APIs, new data, algorithms etc), you can enter a Development Partnership with the Open PHACTS project. This will give you greater access to the core of the project. Development Partnerships are focused on defined pieces of work of mutual interest and an agreed collaborative annex is added to the MoU.

Joining the consortium: If you would like to become an integral part of the project, it might be worth to consider the option to join the Open PHACTS consortium.

Bryn Williams-Jones is the gatekeeper for our partners, so as a first step email Bryn ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start getting involved in Open PHACTS.