About IMI


A KNIME repository of components and workflows has been developed by the Open PHACTS Scientific Community.

The Open PHACTS KNIME project has three goals:

  • To easily include Open PHACTS services in a KNIME workflow
  • To create a KNIME community nodes that provides functionality include RESTful services in a KNIME workflow where the services themselves are described in a SWAGGER file
  • To give the KNIME community easy access to the Open PHACTS services. Open PHACTS KNIME is a project devoted to ease the process of including into the workflow engine. where:
    • Open PHACTS reduces the barriers to drug discovery in industry, academia and for small businesses.
    • KNIME offers a workflow system by implementing a low-barrier visual programming environment for researchers dependent on data and statistical data-crunching methods/algorithms.
  • In other words: Open PHACTS gives pharmacologists easy access to a wide range of data relevant to their research and KNIME allows scientists to partially automate their research workflows which are part of their research process.

    The more generic purpose of Open PHACTS KNIME is to make it easier to integrate Restful services in KNIME via some utility nodes that are able to deal with SWAGGER files and JSON files.

    Go here for further information: KNIME repository